Good news – blood counts rapidly improving, generally feel well, just the diarrhea to get under control. Looks very promising to go home next week.ย  That would be the best thing to speed up recovery – being surrounded by my loving family.



Friday felt a little better. Today feel a little better again. Cell counts have just snuck above 0 so heading the right way at last.


Been a bit quiet on the blog side. hit the low point treatment wise – temperature spikes, diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue, loss of appetite, dry sore mouth and lips. All reassuringly normal for this stage of the programme though. Various samples have shown no infection, so its just the chemo causing it.

Now I am feeling just a fraction more human, my appetite is slowly returning which is good. All I am waiting for is the blood counts to improve and we’re on the home straight ๐Ÿ™‚


Had a surprise visit from Emma – oh boy did it make me happy. Hadn’t realised just how low I was heading, particularly with the infection, but spirits lifted and ready to do battle again. I love that woman so much its impossible to describe. Thanks also to her mum who had the kids so Emma could travel. I wouldn’t have been able to see the kids,ย given the infection, and they would have been upset traveling all that way just to go home again.

Now, as I get ready for bed, my temp has spiked again to 38 degrees, so back onto antibiotics for the night. Shame as my temp had stabilised and I felt so well earlier.

I’ve had platelets again today, along with red cells. Started GCSF injections to help my body rebuild its own defences.


Started feeling unwell yesterday afternoon, cold, shivery, temp going up. Spent night on IV antibiotics and fluids, which are continuing today. All sorts of samples taken to try and find cause but may just be neutropenic sepsis – a familiar friend during chemo.

Also had platelet transfusion as counts very low. Feeling better this morning though, which is always welcome.


Friday was an odd day – didn’t feel like doing much so I didn’t ๐Ÿ™‚

Today has started off with the usual round of feeling nauseous for 5 minutes, then pills n brekkie. Going to pick a film to watch and nod off – didn’t sleep so well last night.

Emma has finished the 10 000 steps a day challenge for Cancer Research UK – well done, very proud of you and much love. Thanks also to her sponsors.