Welcome to my blog.

I will be talking about my experiences with Lymphoma, particularly the treatment I am having for a relapse.

Background: I was first diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in December 2014.  My GP had referred me to Haematology following blood tests that showed consistent anaemia. A bone marrow biopsy showed Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma in the marrow, and the CT Scan showed enlarged lymph nodes, but a node biopsy came back clear. An atypical presentation, but caught very early and with really good prospects.

Following 6 cycles of R-CHOP Chemotherapy, I went into remission. There were a few problems along the way, including blood cell counts crashing / not recovering between cycles, and a complete white cell crash 6 weeks after the last cycle resulting in a week in hospital on IV antibiotics to treat an infection.

The immense love and support from my family was a major factor in fighting the Lymphoma, and I cannot thank them enough.  The staff at the hospital were excellent – friendly and caring as one would wish for.

Routine check-ups were all good until December 2016, when the doctor noticed an enlarged spleen. A Bone Marrow biopsy was clear, but a CT scan showed enlarged nodes, and by then a lump had come up on my neck. Another biopsy of the neck node this time came back positive, but still early days and high confidence that treatment will be effective.

And so to the blog. I will be undergoing R-DHAP Chemo this time, as an in-patient. This means 5 days at a time in hospital, followed by 21 days recovery before the next cycle, and after 2 – 3 cycles (depending on how I respond) we go for an autologous bone marrow transplant.

Blogs will be written mostly from a hospital ward, describing how I feel and how things are going. Partly to keep me sane, but also so family and friends can see how I am doing. I will also report on days in between, good and bad, in the hope that another cancer patient can find some inspiration and know that not only are they not alone in this, but that there is hope and a positive attitude is half the battle.