Tuesday night

Stem cells are in, feeling grotty from steroids n piriton. Not sleeping though thanks to chronic wind.


Monday evening

Chemo finished, just the anti-everything pills to take. Extra power nap today, thanks to Piriton given to control rash around neck. Tomorrow is a day off, then the stem cells go back in. That’s a third of the way through treatment already 🙂

Sunday evening

Enjoyed a visit from my wonderful, beautiful Emma today. Really lifted me. Very proud of her, much love, really missing her and the children.

Had a post-visit power nap, then supper and PICC line dressing change.

Skype call with the kids very enjoyable, perfect way to round off the day.

Chemo again later, then sleep.


Despite placing order after brekkie, no lunch has appeared. I now have to wait for the “out of hours” caterers to provide something, at some time, hopefully before they forget my next meal.

At least chemo done until tonight.